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Year 8

Mr Bailey’s groups will need to complete the biology and physics work.

Mrs Huntly’s groups will need to complete the chemistry and physics work.

Mrs Griffin’s groups will need to complete the biology and chemistry work.


Task 1 – ecosystems in the news

Find a news article that relates to one of the following:

  • Pollution and how it affects ecosystems.
  • Carbon dioxide levels and climate change.
  • The drop in bee numbers and possible affects.
  • Any article that links to the ecosystems topic.

Summarise the article.

What are your feelings about what the article explains?

Task 2 – Photosynthesis

Complete the fertiliser graph on the sheet and answer the questions.

Task 3 – Respiration

Complete the breathing and respiration sheet.


Task 1 – Reactions topic: Making CO2

  • Watch the clips from the link – if you are able to do so you could complete the experiment (WITH PARENTAL SUPERVISION).

  • Why does the candle go out?
  • What does this tell you about carbon dioxide?
  • If you are completing the experiment – are you able to find out if the reaction is exothermic or endothermic? How would you do this and what type of reaction is it, why?

Task 2 – Acids and alkalis topic

Natural indicators

You can prepare homemade indicators from red cabbage or beetroot juice - these will help you see if a solution is acidic or alkaline.

Could you use anything else from around the home to make an indicator?

  • Your task is to find a colourful fruit, vegetable, ink/dye (could be from pens) and test whether they could be used to tell if something is acid alkali or neutral.


  • Make up any ‘indicator’ if necessary – crushing small amounts and adding hot water will allow the colour to pass into the water.
  • Add the ‘indicator’ to water, lemon juice/vinegar and a sample from a bar of soap (add water).
  • If you are able to, do this again with another ‘indicator’.
  • Write up a summary of what you did – photographs may help you do this.
  • What did you find out? Did the indicator work, what colours did it/they go? Would you use it again, why/why not?



Complete the variety of levers, pressure and moments worksheets.


Attached documents in Word and PDF Format.