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Year 6

Task 1 – Healthy meal for my family

(This activity should take several hours to complete).

Use your knowledge of healthy eating (from the healthy bodies’ topic) to:

  • Plan a healthy meal – you can use recipe books and the internet to find recipes.

  • Make the meal with your family.
  • Take a photo or draw the meal and analyse the nutritional content – label the main nutrients contained in the foods (you can look at food packaging and the internet to help) and why the nutrients are important for the body.

  • Get feedback from your family – did they enjoy your meal?
  • What skills have you used to plan, make and analyse your meal? (What science and food skills did you use? Have you used any additional skills?).
  • Evaluate your meal – what went well? Even better if?


Task 2: Designing an animal – animal adaptations

Design an animal that is adapted to live in desert conditions.

See the Task 2 sheet for details.

Task 3 – The eye

Label the eye and answer the questions.

Complete one of the activities.


Activities below in Word and PDF format.