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Parents and Pupils

Information for parents

Contacting the school office 

There are several methods of contact the school office.

By Phone : 01386 881426

By Email : Use our Contact Form

The school office is open between 8AM and 4PM on Mondays to Thursday and closes at 3.30 on Fridays.

The school office is only open during term time, we suggest using email/contact form outside of school term. 


Contacting your form tutor 

There are times when you need to contact your childs form tutor. You can leave a message with the school office

By Phone : 01386 881426

By Email : We offer a email facility for parents to contact their forms tutors. Please click here to use our contact form to make first contact.

Contacting the Friends of Bredon Hill Academy

Our school run a sucessful and active friends group. They raise much needed funds to help enhance the learning of all pupils here at Bredon Hill Academy. If you would like some more information, to join the PTA or assist in events please contact the current PTA chairperson by email