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Year 6

Health and Fitness

Try to carry out one 15 min workout at least three times a week. Take your heart rate at the start and at the end:

What do you notice about your heart rate?

Why is this?








Search the Body Coach TV on YouTube for further ideas.



From memory – draw and label a netball court with all the starting positions. Highlight the different areas that each player is allowed to go.

Create a netball rules book that could be passed on to the new Year 6 in September.



We are currently doing mini tennis, after Easter we will be doing a unit on tennis outside on full court. Research a famous female tennis player in the current top 20 in the world – where is she from? When did she start playing tennis? How tall is she? Why does she like tennis? How many tournaments has she won? How much money has she won?


Please see below a link that can be used by parents to continue to educate KS2 children at home in terms of Physical Education and mental well-being. You just have to enter your first name and email address to get initial access (look for the resources for 7-11 year olds) plus further resources will be emailed daily.